Do you want to impact Foundational Learning at scale; India’s hardest education challenge?

Central Square Foundation’s vision is ensuring quality school education for all children in India. We collaborate with governments and technical partners to drive systemic reform in the Indian school education space.  We focus on evidence-driven programs  to improve Foundational Literacy and Numeracy at scale across 12 Indian states.

Foundational Literacy and Numeracy is India’s most pressing educational challenge, blocking 250+ million children from a meaningful future. Watch this video to learn more

CSF takes a “Systems Reform” approach to improving learning outcomes by partnering with states and other organizations in the education sector

Our Approach

Engage the central and state government on key issues in design and adoption of policies

Design innovative programs using research and evidence 

Partner with other organizations in the ecosystem for adoption and sustainability of large-scale solutions


of all school going children in Primary grades across the country are in States being supported by CSF for NIPUN Bharat Mission design & implementation 

CSF is fueled by extraordinary leadership and coveted global partnerships

We are the only country partner for education for The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation globally.

Founder and Chairman - Ashish Dhawan

  • Harvard, Yale alumnus
  • Founder of Chrys Capital
  • Co-founded Ashoka University

Co-Managing Directors

Shaveta Sharma-Kukreja


Bikkrama D. Singh


Saurabh Chopra

Govt. Projects
ex-Bennett & Co, IIM-L

Gouri Gupta


Anustup Nayak

Classroom Practice
ex-XSEED, Harvard

Romonika D. Sharan

Strategic partnerships
ex-BSNL, St.Stephen’s

Harish Doraiswamy

ex-Pearson, IIM C

Dr. Parthajeet Das

State FLN Projects

Vinod Karate

State Reform
Co-Founder, The Teacher App, DSE

Krishnan S.

State FLN Projects

Rahul Ahluwalia

ex-NITI Aayog, IIM-C

Rishu Aggarwal 

ex-Airtel Payments Bank

Dr. Jayshree Oza

Senior Advisor,
FLN and Government Projects

Shanthi Lakshman

Advisor, Finance

Nupur Bhargava

Advisor, Talent Management

Amrit Ahuja

Advisor, Communications

Five reasons why CSF is among the most desired workplaces in India

Work on System Reform

We work at the intersection of governments, non-profits, researchers, donors and other enablers to enable system-led reform

Impact at Scale

We design and run large scale interventions that improve learning for 250+ million children in the country

Strong Partnerships

We work closely with the Ministry of Education, CBSE  and with State departments in over 12 states. We also have strong ecosystem partnerships with other organizations working in education

World Class Team

Our team consists of professionals from top universities and organizations. CSF works with the best and brightest in the Industry

Trusted by leading philanthropies

CSFs work is endorsed and backed by leading funders including BMGF, USAID, Google, Omidyar Network, HDFC, HT Parekh foundation, Larry Ellison Foundation and so on.

Life at CSF

Watch this short video to know more about life @CSF.

We have multiple role openings across four different levels


Work exp: 9+ years
Compensation starting: 20 lpa+
  • Take ownership of meeting all the team goals 
  • Support the team Director in team building and people development


Work exp: 6-9 years
Compensation starting: 15 lpa+
  • Take ownership of entire projects end to end from design to delivery
  • Support the Senior Lead in managing the team

Project Manager

Work exp: 2-6years
Compensation starting: 11 lpa+
  • Take ownership of 2-3 work streams within a big project
  • Work in a team led by a Lead/Senior Lead with minimal hand-holding support

Project Associate

Work exp: 0-2  years
Compensation starting: 7 lpa+
  • Take ownership of 1-2 work streams within a big project
  • Conduct primary and secondary research and landscaping and prepare first drafts for review

We need talent across 3 mission-critical domains. Which one of these is YOUR calling?

This role is for you if you have..

Program design and implementation

Strategizing and managing projects end to end with government bodies and ecosystem partners

Locations: Delhi, Gandhinagar, Guwahati, Lucknow, Ranchi, Patna, Hyderabad

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Cross-sectoral consulting/ project management experience

High analytical and problem solving abilities

An education background in management or public policy

Change makers across CSF

Prakhar Jain
Oxford, IIT Delhi
ex-Centre for Policy Research

Prakhar works with the  State Reform team that works on State projects partnering with the Education Department to bring reform by system led, large-scale projects.

Niharika Gupta
ex- Teach for India, Goldman Sachs

Niharika is a part of the Governance team where she works with governments and partners to design, implement and generate evidence on interventions to improve governance in school education.

Harsh Singh
ex- Teach for India

Harsh is part of the Government Projects team and works closely with the Ministry of Education on many initiatives like NEP 2020 and the NIPUN Bharat mission for FLN.

Ronak Pol
LSE, Warwick
Ex - IB at Duff & Phelps

Ronak is part of the Government Projects team and is currently working with the CBSE to implement India's largest Reading Mission impacting over 20 million students

Rhea Handa
ex-The Brookings Institution

Rhea is part of the EdTech team and works closely with partners to experiment, test, and generate meaningful evidence for what works (and how) in EdTech for FLN

Jasmine Dhingra

Jasmine is a Project  Consultant in Punjab. She works closely with the Education Department on the design and implementation of the State-wide FLN program

Sample roles in this domain


Project Lead, Government Projects

Project manage and coordinate FLN projects in 5 states. Document and report progress


Project Manager, Gujarat      

Support the state in the implementation of the FLN mission


Project Lead, EdTech                

Support and lead EdTech grantee organizations in strategy design and execution and generating evidence around their impact


Program Manager -Policy, Reporting, and Technology, Ranchi            

Supporting state governments to set up and implement effective monitoring systems and communication around the mission

Curriculum and Classroom

Designing curriculum, teaching and learning material and stakeholder  capacity building for early Numeracy

Locations: Mumbai, Bhopal, Delhi

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Academic background in  education, preferably early Numeracy

Experience in numeracy curriculum design and capacity building

Teaching experience in a government or low income setting

Change makers across CSF

Shravya Mallavarapu
ex-OECD, Harvard

Shravya is a Project  Consultant in Telangana. She works closely with the State Education Department on the curriculum and training design of the state-wide FLN programs with the state academic teams.

Vipin Yadav
ex-Teach for IndiaNational University of Singapore

Vipin is a part of Classroom Instruction and practice team. He works to strengthen the teacher professional development component of FLN missions in our focus and emerging States.

Revanth Peddi
ex- 3.2.1 Foundation, Teach for India

Revanth is part of the Classrooms Instruction and Practice team. He work closely with our numeracy technical partners in different states on key aspects of the FLN mission.

Sample roles in this domain


Numeracy Expert

Curriculum and training design; capacity building of trainers.


Numeracy Manager, MP FLN reform

Co-creation and state capacity building on early numeracy curriculum and training design.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Designing monitoring systems and evaluation studies to measure the impact of CSF’s programs

Locations: Delhi, Lucknow, Ranchi, Patna

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Experience in leading impact evaluations and research.

Designing monitoring systems and frameworks

Economics or public policy background focussed on research

Change makers across CSF

Pooja Nagpal
ex-Gray Matters, Pearson, Uni. of  Illinois, Chicago

Pooja is a part of the Government Projects team and leads several large-scale assessment reform initiatives with the central government and several states.

Shubhra Mittal
ex-J-PAL, Columbia University

Shubhra leads the Research, Monitoring, Learning, and Evaluation team where she provides guidance and oversight to the team's engagements with internal and external partners to generate data and evidence on the impact of CSFs programmes and initiatives.

Sudhanshu Sharma
ex-IFMR, ex-E&Y, London School of Eco. (LSE)

Sudhanshu is a senior member of the Research, Monitoring, Learning, and Evaluation team where he works with internal and external partners to design and execute research studies and evaluations to better understand the impact of CSFs programmes and initiatives.

Sample roles in this domain


Project Manager, RMEL

Capacity building of states in designing effective monitoring systems; Designing evaluation studies to understand the impact of the FLN programs in states


Project Manager, RMEL

Lead projects in the RMEL team on evaluation study design and capacity building of states for effective monitoring.


Consultant- Assessments and evaluation, Patna/Ranchi/Lucknow

Set up and build capacity of the state to design and roll out summative and formative  evaluation of the state's early learning program

Application Process

12th Oct 2021
Applications open
31st Oct 2021
Application deadline
9th Nov 2021
Interview round 1
15th Nov 2021
Interview round 2
22nd Nov 2021
Final offers

Online application along with CV and assignment submission*


Application shortlist and TWO virtual interview rounds. Shortlist after each round


Offer roll out to selected applicants

You have to submit an assignment based on the domain you are applying for. Check out the assignments here:

Program design and implementation Curriculum and Classroom Monitoring and Evaluation

What people say about us?

CSF is one of the most exciting institutions I’ve ever been associated with. Only in one or two other institutions that I know of is there the same thirst for knowledge and improvement, the same approach to impact using tough metrics. One thing I like about CSF is that they recognise that no matter how capable, hard-working or innovative, no transformation is complete and sustainable without a system-wide adoption by the government. 

Luis Crouch
Chief Technical Offìcer, RTI’s International Development Group Board Member, CSF

LLF’s symbiotic and synergistic relationship with CSF started to take shape exactly five years  go when we received our first grant from CSF in May 2015. LLF was founded in February 2015 and it will not be an exaggeration to say that CSF’s financial and strategic support in the initial years was the most crucial input that helped us stand on our feet. The Foundation was our first benefactor, like it has been for several social sector startups working to transform school education in India.

Dhir Jhingran
Founder Director, Language and Learning Foundation (LLF)

Our partnership with CSF is as old as the organization itself – CSF was quite literally our first funding partner and the journey since has been mutually enriching in many ways. This was in 2016 when CSF itself was still evolving as an organization and I do believe as young teams we were still trying to learn from each other and grow together given that there was great alignment in our vision which stands true even today. CSF has since seen tremendous growth and I think much of it has come not only from them being able to fund and build an impressive portfolio of high performing and highly ambitious organizations but from CSF’s willingness to allow their partner organizations to try, experiment, fail and learn from their mistakes and owning this journey of growing and learning together with their grantee organizations.

Merlia Shaukath
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Madhi Foundation

My work at CSF helped me build rounded perspective on edtech. While working closely with entrepreneurs building apps for teachers and students, I built perspective on how to scale quality content and pedagogy using tech. In this process, especially being on the  ground visiting schools, teachers, community helped build deep understanding of their needs and motivation. Working with policy makers at central and state governments to help launch their platforms and edtech policies has helped me appreciate the complexity of education system. Overall, my role at CSF has built the foundation to build the right thesis, invest in and support EDTech entrepreneurs.

Namita Dalmia - CSF Alumni

Partner ENZA Ventures, ex- Omidyar Network, Stanford GSB ‘11

CSF taught me the value of stepping outside of my comfort zone. In those early years of CSF (2012-2014), I had to put on many hats, including that of a program manager, a community organizer, a researcher, a recruiter, an author, and an investor. I did decently well in some roles, and failed miserably in others such as report writing. But I learnt a lot through these experiences, especially since we were trusted with huge responsibilities. I have carried this lesson with me everywhere I had gone - whether it is taking on a product role to build an AI product (without an engineering degree) or learning to climb harder rocks - I learn the most when am outside of my comfort zone.  

Karan Kumar - CSF Alumni
Principal Product Manager AWS, Harvard Business School ‘16

CSF enabled me to challenge status quo and take more risks by providing autonomy to design your own initiatives. Further, The CSF environment was one where we could express ourselves, share diverse ideas and discuss almost everything under the sun without the fear of being judged. This place has given me some of the best relationships and also instilled a confidence that pushes put my best foot forward and to make an impact no matter what I'm doing.

Priyansh Dugar - CSF Alumni

“CSF taught me how to work on complex problems and navigate ambiguity - this has been immensely helpful to me as an entrepreneur. The feedback and mentorship I received also helped me improve my leadership and people management skills” 

Tanvi Bikhchandani - CSF Alumni
Co-founder Tamarind Chutney, Stanford GSB ‘20

“Working at CSF was a highly enriching experience. I got to work with and learn from some of the best minds in the sector. As a Programme Manager, I managed Research and investments for the EdTech vertical. I got to work with entrepreneurs across the country and various state governments. This helped me learn how innovation works at early-stage startups and what are the constraints of making an intervention work at scale. This unique perspective has helped me every day to create a scalable and impactful solution for our children and communities at Saarthi Education.” 

Ankit Arora - CSF Alumni
Founder Saarthi

Our Partners and Funders