Research Approach

Education policy and practices in India need to be driven by sound evidence, particularly amid rising concerns of low student achievement. To this end, Central Square Foundation (CSF) focuses on developing and collating reliable research that can inform public policy in education.

Our research is guided by several objectives aligned with our work in school education:

  • Identify under-researched and critical challenges in Indian school education
  • Evaluating information to inform our grantmaking decisions
  • Demonstrate solutions for India by analysing national and international policies and implementation models with the potential for scale
  • Collaborate with think tanks, academic institutions, civil society organisations and independent researchers to develop research products

With this perspective, we have undertaken in-depth analyses of numerous focus areas including EdTech, School Management Committees, CSR in school education, implementation of Right to Education (RTE) Section 12(1)(c) among others. To effectively engage multiple stakeholders and build collectives pushing for reform among for policy makers, practitioners and media, we have translated these research efforts into working papers, research reports and briefs. CSF’s work will continue to strengthen the link between research, policy and innovation in education in India.