How to Improve Students’ Performance: New Institute will Train School Principals

by on January 1, 2016

How to Improve Students’ Performance: New Institute will Train School Principals

January 18, 2013 by Bhavya Dore, Hindustan Times

A new institute to train school leaders with a specific view to raising educational levels in low-income schools was launched on Thursday through a partnership between three organisations. The Akanksha Foundation, Teach for India and the Central Square Foundation have come together to launch the India School Leadership Institute (ISLI) that will deliver a one-year programme to impart best practices in the context of school leadership. School leadership is an area of study for school principals and headmasters to improve students’ performance.

The programme will open this May and will be partly delivered at a campus outside Pune. The course will include a theoretical component as well as residency programmes and practical experience in leadership roles in schools. “We hope to provide a firm grounding in what it takes to be a school leader and how to create excellence in terms of learning,” said Vandana Goyal, chief executive officer of the Akanksha Foundation. “In any organisation a leader facilitates the processes and creates a positive culture.” This would possibly be the first full-time programme for school leadership training in the country.

“All over the world, people have come to the recognition that the job of a principal is very different from that of a teacher and it requires rigorous investment in training and exposure. We’re very excited and the time is right to make these kinds of investments,” said Ashish Dhawan, chief executive officer of the Central Square Foundation.

The effort is being supported by the KIPP Foundation in the US, best known for its nation-wide network of free schools. It has also trained school leaders. “ISLI is a way to take the best of cutting edge schools in the US but also fundamentally rediscover in our heritage what is best for our schools,” said Shaheen Mistri, founder and chief executive officer of Teach For India.

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