Science and Mathematics Education

Current Landscape

In India, there is a severe shortage of Science and Maths teachers at the secondary level. As per DISE 2014-15, only 54% of secondary schools have Science teachers and 57% of secondary schools have Maths teachers.  Further, these teachers have insufficient content knowledge, as only 22% of Science teachers and 57% of Maths teachers have studied their subjects beyond high school. In line with these trends, student learning outcomes in these subjects have been poor as well. In the latest National Achievement Survey for class X, 24 States/UTs performed significantly below the expected level for Science, and 21 performed poorly for Maths.

CSF’s Position

CSF believes that a good quality Science and Mathematics education is critical in fostering 21st century skills among students —  these include skills such as analytical and conceptual thinking, problem solving, and collaborative work. CSF is exploring Science and Maths as an emerging thematic area, and is examining innovations around content, pedagogy and teachers.