Government School Partnerships

Current Landscape
Government schools, which cater primarily to children from India’s marginalised communities, are failing to deliver a well-rounded, quality education to students.  In response, parents are increasingly choosing to enrol their children in affordable private schools.  And yet, this shift has not spurred enough competition between private and government schools to provide higher quality education.

CSF’s Position

To create a culture of excellence with strong leadership, effective instruction and an engaged community, government schools need to embrace innovative solutions.  One way to improve education quality is to encourage partnerships that allow non-profit organisations to operate government schools, thus building effective models that can be scaled.

Central Square Foundation is working to create an environment in which such partnerships can flourish.  To develop proof points of their effectiveness, we provide technical and financial assistance to individual non-profits operating schools in partnership with the government.  In turn, we advise governments on how to structure such partnerships effectively and in a way that benefits the system.