System Reform

Current Landscape

Increasingly decision makers have a growing menu of options for school reform. Also states are at different stages in reform journey and have varying capabilities to implement these initiatives. Only a few school systems have embarked on a comprehensive large scale transformation focused on improving learning and the results have been mixed. There is little learning from the success and failures of past reform efforts and absence of comprehensive roadmaps for system improvement.

As more states focus on building systems geared towards student learning, the importance of understanding and implementing complex interventions will grow.

CSF’s Position

We believe that there is a need to create an India specific theory of change for system transformation,and use this to action reform ideas with states. We are working on creating a body of knowledge on how different policies are put in practice and what combinations lead to improved educational outcomes. We are also developing tools which can benchmark education systems and their preparedness for improving outcomes for children. At the end, we working with multiple state governments to put these ideas into practice