Data Management

Current Landscape

Inadequate data access and use in administrative decision-making and classroom processes represent a critical challenge to India’s school education system. Despite the significant quantity of school-related data collected by the state and central governments, it is largely inaccessible to the end-user since it is disaggregated, not yet digitised, and only available after a considerable time lag. The majority of data collected is focused on inputs while data on student educational outcomes is limited. An additional challenge is the lack of stringent data quality mechanisms, which makes the data that is available largely unreliable and inauthentic. State, district, sub-district officials  and educators also lack the capacity to use data to improve educational outcomes.

CSF’s Position

Central Square Foundation (CSF) envisions a culture of data-driven decision making at every level of the education hierarchy to continuously improve student achievement. Building this culture requires two key interventions: creating robust data systems and building stakeholder capacity to use this data for driving quality-linked interventions.

CSF seeks to facilitate creation of the robust data systems necessary for collecting and disseminating a wide range of input-, process- and outcome-related data.  CSF aims to accelerate the use of technology as a tool to ensure reliable and authentic data is available to all education stakeholders. In addition, we support the development of education data systems that allow for seamless integration across different administrative levels. We work with our grant partners to accelerate data-use efforts by building the capacity of different stakeholders at the national, state, district, block and school levels.