Current Landscape

Teachers play a cardinal role in determining the quality of India’s education system. However, due to inadequate recruitment, professional development, and career progression structures, teachers currently lack the skills and mindsets necessary to be effective.

The challenge stems from an inability to attract India’s best talent to a career in teaching and extends to a fragmented and poor quality network of teacher education institutes (TEIs). Furthermore, practicing teachers face a lack of in-service training and insufficient opportunities for recognition and career advancement.

CSF’s Position

Central Square Foundation (CSF) promotes innovative models for teacher education, with the aim of preparing teachers to become capable educators committed to student learning. We place particular emphasis on the use of technology as a means to extend the reach of effective programmes and resources to a larger number of teachers.

We seek to improve the quality of pre-service education by strengthening the monitoring and accreditation processes for TEIs, promoting the development of high quality, curriculum-aligned digital content and piloting alternate models of teacher education that place greater emphasis on practicum. We also focus on building the capacity of teacher trainers and on the importance of continuous professional development for teachers.