Teacher Training

Current Landscape

With a shortage of 1.2 million teachers across the country, the Indian education system faces a lack of quality teacher development. Most pre-service and in-service training programmes do not adequately prepare teachers to ensure learning for all students. At the same time, teacher access to technological infrastructure such as mobile devices and school-based computers is on the rise.

In this context, technology can play a significant role in building the system’s capacity for preparing aspiring teachers by providing access to high quality continued professional development to all teachers.

CSF’s Position

Central Square Foundation’s (CSF) strategy is to leverage the power of technology — in conjunction with face-to-face facilitation — to provide engaging and relevant training to a large number of teachers. Evidence suggests that technology holds the potential to make teacher education more interactive, practice-oriented and personalised and to make professional development a more continuous process.

CSF aims to support the creation of blended learning opportunities for teachers and to gather evidence that helps establish high-quality scalable models in teacher education. We focus on the development of independent digital resources that demonstrate best practices in pedagogy and of blended Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) that provide online course content to be implemented by faculty in teacher training institutes. We are also exploring how technology can be used to create a network of teachers across schools and localities.