Student Learning

Current Landscape

Increased access to low-cost computing devices and internet connectivity in India is giving rise to a nascent education technology ecosystem.  The adoption of EdTech in schools is rapidly developing with infrastructure becoming widely available, government pushing for the integration of digital technology in education, and entrepreneurs creating innovative solutions tailored to the needs of schools.

These developments present a strong opportunity for the use of technology in personalising learning for students and providing them with high-quality digital resources and instruction irrespective of their physical location.

CSF's Position

Central Square Foundation (CSF) aims to provide high quality open educational resources (OER) to students and teachers. Given the diversity of educational, social and linguistic contexts in India, a wide variety of content is critical to account for different subjects, grades and regional Indian languages. To this end, CSF seeks to coordinate the efforts of multiple stakeholders in promoting the creation and adoption of OER in India.

Several promising tech-based teaching-learning models are emerging, namelyblended learning, virtual learning and mobile-based self learning. These models offer new learning opportunities for students, allowing them to master skills at their own pace, learn from expert teachers and receive frequent feedback on their performance. CSF aims to deepen understanding of EdTech in the ecosystem by supporting projects in varying contexts and disseminating learning on implementing such models at scale.