Governance Systems

Current Landscape:

Innovations in technology and data analytics serve as strong catalysts to improve governance and strengthen data-driven decision making. Communication tools such as voice-based and group messaging platforms provide low-cost opportunities for stakeholders to connect and share feedback. Moreover, management tools allow for capturing, analysing and visualising real-time data to reveal key trends.

However, the potential of technology to foster good governance remains largely unrealised as stakeholders lack the capacity and collective ownership to adopt technology solutions that can address governance challenges. Innovative models have the potential to strengthen the system’s capacity to leverage technology effectively for improved governance.

CSF’s Position:

Central Square Foundation aims to unlock the power of technology in the school education sector by collaborating with a range of stakeholders from technology entrepreneurs to government officials. We support projects that map digital tools to governance needs and build capacity and ownership among institutions working on this issue.

We are interested in interventions that promote greater participation and transparency, thereby strengthening governance. We also focus on interventions that leverage innovative and cost-efficient technology for data collection and analytics to drive outcome-oriented and context-specific action. This will enable a systemic shift towards a culture of evidence-based goal setting and decision making in school education.