“Every Teacher will learn and grow anytime, anywhere at zero cost.” TheTeacherApp is a not-for-profit organization aiming to achieve the above vision.

The Opportunity
TheTeacherApp is focussed on solving one of the biggest challenges of our time – 250 million children in India are in schools but not learning well. They believe that teachers have the power to change this and their development is the only hope in solving this problem.

In 2014-15, out of the 8.6 million teachers in India only 30% received any form of in-service training. 20% of the teachers in these schools have not received any professional training for their jobs. The training infrastructure in our country has failed our teachers who, like any serious professionals like lawyers and doctors, require regular and continuous professional development to guide them through everyday classroom challenges.

TheTeacherApp aspires to address this gap. They are creating digital learning experiences for teachers which can be accessed by any teacher or anyone interested in teacher education, for free. Their technology enables users to access content through mobile, download it for offline use and connect with a wider community.

The Mission
Hence their mission is to:

  • Break barriers between teachers and quality professional development content by leveraging technology
  • Create an ecosystem to enable and accelerate the digitization of existing non-digital teacher development solutions

The Approach Our Approach

TheTeacherApp follows a unique approach towards building education technology solution for teachers in India. Great content will only reach the last mile if it is engaging and accessible. Similarly, content that is aligned with teachers’ motivations will encourage them to consume it. Hence, their approach involves carefully looking at four key pillars – Content, Engagement, Access and Motivation- in cohesion.

The Model
Enabling 9 million teachers to learn and grow is an enormous task and cannot be done alone. Hence, they operate in two modes: Demonstrate and Influence. They depict it as:


In mode Demonstrate, they will create content themelves and demonstrate that:

  • It is possible to provide great learning experience for teachers over mobile
  • Digitisation is not a complex process and can be done at reasonable costs

In this mode TheTeacherApp is focused to create over 300 hours of content and distribute the same to over 100,000 teachers over the next 2 years.

Influence (The Potential for Systemic Impact)
In mode Influence, TheTeacherApp is keen to influence individuals and organisations who have access to knowledge which teachers require continuously. They would make strategic partnerships to accelerate the digitisation vision of other organisations and individuals.

For individuals: TheTeacherApp launched the first cohort of the Author Fellowship Programme with 14 fellows in March 2017. This is a 2-year fellowship where they are building capacity of 14 fellows to be experts in digital content writing for teachers.

For organisations: In 2017, they aim to form a ‘Dream Team’ of 10 non-profit and government organizations which have a track record of providing teacher trainings in physical mode. Together, Dream Team will digitise their content for teachers creating unique learning experiences for teachers in India, which would be open-source for anyone to use.

TheTeacherApp will hold the team together by executing bootcamps, setting up production processes and supporting operationally and financially.

They wish to continue to actively influence government & non-government organisations that have great content for teachers and accelerate their digitisation efforts through:

  • TheTeacherApp Roadshows are workshops on digitisation of content
  • TheTeacherApp Inside Program is a tailor-made solution in embedding their processes and approach within these organisations

The Goal
Till 2022, TheTeacherApp will focus on 10 Hindi speaking states in India, with a total reach of 3 million teachers. They want to demonstrate that their efforts positively impacted professional development of over 500,000 teachers, of the 3 million. They shall do this by unlocking 1000 hours of digital content for teachers.