A blended learning programme for teacher education by Teach for India

The Opportunity

Strong teacher education is a critical driver of systemic quality. In India, however, training and support throughout a teacher’s career path is distressingly inadequate. Pre-service education leaves graduates largely ill-prepared for the classroom while a lack of continuous professional development for in-service teachers fails to build their capacity. New models need to be identified to develop excellent classroom practitioners.

The Model

Firki aims to create a high-quality, scalable programme broadly aligned to the B.Ed. curriculum that prepares teachers with the requisite mindsets and pedagogical skills to ensure learning for all students. To achieve this, the programme combines face-to-face facilitation, peer learning, and an online portal for teachers that contains modular courses featuring readings, assessments and videos of classroom practice. Facilitators guide teachers through the portal’s features and create opportunities for teachers to collaborate in applying new approaches in the classroom.

In its first year, Firki conducted a needs assessment, designed and launched a portal with eight courses and partnered with other organisations to pilot blended implementations. Three hundred teachers participated in the blended learning pilot, and 1,500 users signed up for the portal. The team is now working in consultation with the Riverside School to expand and deepen the content and is endeavoring to refine the implementation model for the programme.

Potential for Systemic Impact

Firki’s vision is to influence the teacher education ecosystem by demonstrating excellence in preparing high-quality classroom practitioners through a blended approach. The programme’s design holds the potential to provide a wide audience of teachers with access to high quality resources. The modular design of the portal also allows for more flexibility in teacher education where teachers can access courses most aligned to their needs.