Social Cops

Social Cops

Using data to measure effectiveness of education programmes and instructional interventions

The Opportunity

India’s most critical decisions on school education are crippled by an astonishing lack of data.  With no real-time survey tracking parameters on teacher attendance or school infrastructure, for instance, decisions in these areas are generally made without consideration for data.

The Model

The Social Cops project aims to empower key stakeholders in the education system with powerful data that enables better decision-making. By leveraging web and mobile-based technology, the project will provide governments, organizations, and parents with live information on previously unaccounted data points.  This static open data, available on the web, will be collected and disseminated in real time.

Potential for Systemic Impact

Data can be leveraged to formulate more relevant education policy by measuring the effectiveness of education programs and instructional interventions, monitoring individual and collective student progress, guiding the development of curriculum, determining appropriate allocation of human and financial resources, and reporting progress to the community. Social Cops aims to unlock the potential of data in making meaningful impact on the Indian school system by finding out key points of intervention.