Quality Education and Support Trust (QUEST)

Quality Education and Support Trust (QUEST)

Blended learning course to train teachers in Mathematics teaching

The Opportunity

India faces a huge challenge of teachers lacking adequate training. While those in government schools have access to professional development and academic support, only 31.5% of them actually received in-service training in 2013-14. Teachers in private schools, who now educate 43% of our students, lack access to training, with training for teachers in low-fee schools being minimal.

Technology allows for reinventing models of teacher education by creating competency-linked training programmes, and enables teachers to connect with peers, and receive coaching from experts remotely. Blended courses where teachers learn on an online program in addition to working offline with a coach can play a critical role in teacher development.

The Model

Quality Education Support Trust (QUEST) has been working on quality related issues in the field of early childhood education, elementary education and teacher education since 2007.

QUEST recently launched its online teacher training programme. The programme is a 28 week long programme meant for teachers and teacher educators focussing on pedagogy of elementary mathematics. The course is run in a ‘blended mode’ which comprises face to face contact sessions, practical work and online assignments. The course is hosted on Moodle and a group of teachers is assigned a mentor who interacts with the teachers and conducts weekly face to face sessions.  QUEST will also develop short term courses for teachers.

Potential for Systemic Impact

QUEST aims to achieve the following goals through its online teacher training programme:

  • Enhance teachers’ subject matter knowledge and pedagogical understanding through focused theoretical and practical input
  • Design and develop a system for teachers’ professional development which could be further scaled up to reach to the teachers working in the remote areas, using appropriate technology