Edupreneur Quest

Edupreneur Quest

Promoting a vibrant education entrepreneurship ecosystem by identifying and supporting talented, start-up phase ‘edupreneurs’

The Opportunity

There are many passionate education entrepreneurs in India trying to solve the country’s education problems in innovative ways. However, “edupreneurs” face a variety of challenges stemming from a lack of relevant education content, funding and impact assessment tools, and ready access to credible mentors. They also face difficulty in maintaining relationships with stakeholders. Because of the uncertainty of the journey and lack of support structures, many potential edupreneurs hesitate to join the sector.

The Model

To remedy the challenges faced by aspiring and early-stage edupreneurs, Central Square Foundation launched Edupreneur Quest in 2013 in partnership with Villgro Innovations Foundation and Teach For India.  India’s first education-focused business plan competition, Edupreneur Quest has completed its second cycle.  Through a variety of capacity building initiatives, the programme seeks to promote a vibrant education entrepreneurship ecosystem by identifying and supporting talented start-up-phase edupreneurs who are committed to improving educational equity and quality.

Ecosystem Impact

This initiative provided guidance to approximately 70 teams over two years. Shortlisted teams received in-depth support, including one-on-one mentoring and webinar workshops to help them develop or strengthen their business models. For teams entering the programme with a project still in concept stage, Edupreneur Quest was a platform for them to translate their ideas into reality. For teams with already operational projects, Edupreneur Quest was an opportunity to refine the approach and build networks.

Edupreneur Quest is an opportunity to bring critical energy and talent to the sector. In informal conversations with teams after the programme, many edupreneurs expressed a desire for more networking opportunities and ongoing mentorship. Central Square Foundation is actively working on responding to these needs.