Madhi Foundation

Madhi Foundation

Programme which supports teachers by providing scripted lesson plans, coaching and teaching-learning material


The Opportunity

62% of all children in Tamil Nadu attend government or government-aided schools, and yet data from Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) consistently reports poor student outcomes. Teachers are overloaded with administrative tasks, find most training programs irrelevant, cannot use personal time to plan for school and are usually not comfortable with English (the medium of instruction in Chennai). The Corporation of Chennai has been very receptive to working with non-governmental organizations to improve learning outcomes, and there is an opportunity to support teachers, and enable them to create impact.

The Model

Madhi Foundation was established in 2016 as a non-profit organisation working in the education sector, committed to the cause of bridging the equity gap in education for children across India. Madhi draws its inspiration from the Tamil adage, (“vidhiyay madhiyaal vellalaam”), which translates to, “you can conquer destiny with intellect (madhi)”. Madhi believes that equitable and purposeful education can be a great leveler for children, mitigating the adverse impact of most of their social, cultural or economic disadvantages on their future, and help them create life paths of their choice, realise their potential for excellence, and conquer their destinies.

Madhi aims to design and implement programmes in the education sector catering to the marginalized and most underserved communities across India. Its programmes have specific mandates and target different areas of intervention within the education sector. The Transformational Academic Programme (TAP) is one such programme that aims to address the systemic challenges inherent in government and low-fee private schools and devise meaningful solutions to help the students, teachers and school leaders overcome them.

As part of TAP, teachers in government schools are provided bilingual curriculum-aligned scripted lesson plans, regular coaching and support through weekly observations and teaching-learning material such as behavior trackers, classroom charts, worksheets, student workbooks, etc. A group of ten teachers is supported in execution by one ‘program collaborator’, who conducts training sessions and provides regular feedback. Madhi Foundation is implementing TAP with 40 teachers in 2016-17 and aims to scale the program to 100+ teachers in 2017-18.

Potential for Systemic Impact

Madhi Foundation aims to expand TAP to all classrooms in government schools in Chennai over the next few years. The introduction of technology to host lesson plans and capture data will make the model cost-efficient and ready for scale. Simultaneously, Madhi Foundation will explore the option of creating a similar program for affordable private schools. Madhi Foundation will also work with government bodies (such as SCERT) to institutionalize the content and training material prepared for TAP, and run pilots to test the execution of TAP with existing resource persons.

Case Study