IT for Change: Karnataka Open Educational Resources

IT for Change: Karnataka Open Educational Resources

Teacher professional development using technology combined with creation and curation of contextual curricular resources

The Opportunity

As access to technology increases, teachers need training both in general ICT skills as well as in the use of technology as a tool for teaching specific subjects. Teachers also need contextualised digital curricular resources to facilitate their teaching. And yet, most teachers currently lack access to such support.

The Model

IT for Change’s programme,  Karnataka Open Educational Resources (KOER), combined professional development for teachers in the use of technology to teach specific subjects with the creation and curation of contextual curricular resources in Kannada and English. The project aimed to strengthen the Department of State Educational Research and Training’s (DSERT) Subject Teacher Forum programme, which promoted peer learning among teachers. The training model prepared teachers to use open source software to develop curriculum-aligned digital resources and participate in collaborative peer networks.

Central Square Foundation, along with Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA) and UNICEF,  provided funding for the first year pilot programme. During this first year, 70 teachers and DIET faculty from eight districts created and curated curricular resources for Class 9 in Maths, Science, and Social Science through a workshop model. The project also covered training for 3,000 teachers in 19 districts through a cascade model.

Potential for Systemic Impact

IT for Change plans to develop Open Education Resources (OER) for all subjects and all classes (K-12) to help:

• Use resource creation and peer learning as a method of teacher professional development

• Develop curricular resources that serve as supplementary tools for teachers