The Education Alliance

The Education Alliance

Building an ecosystem for operation of public private partnerships in government schools

The Opportunity

Poor education delivery in government schools is increasingly driving parents to enrol their children inĀ  private schools. As a result, there is a growing prevalence of underutilised government school infrastructure across India. Public private partnerships (PPP) in education allow non-profit operators to utilise existing government infrastructure and introduce innovative curricula and high quality teachers. These partnerships have the potential to improve the quality of education delivery and win students back into the government school system.

The Model

The Education Alliance is a non-profit organisation that facilitates public private partnerships in Indian education aimed at improving education quality and widening the set of choices available to the economically weaker sections of society. A collaborative effort of Central Square Foundation, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, ARK and Omidyar Network, The Education Alliance encourages a whole school management model of PPP, wherein a private operator adopts an underutilised government school building and has considerable operational autonomy allowing for innovation. The Alliance works to:

  • Shape policy by creating a sound evidence base of global research on the impact of PPPs on education outcomes
  • Help design and facilitate the execution of PPP policies that work for all relevant stakeholders, particularly children, government and school operators
  • Develop a strong pipeline of quality non-profit private operators available to operate schools in the geographies covered by the coalition
  • Ensure PPP schools delivery higher quality education than comparable municipal schools for the same government cost per child

Potential for Systemic Impact

The Alliance aims to build and sustain an ecosystem in which non-profit private school operators can thrive and expand, and where governments can hold private partners accountable for delivering high quality education in government-owned schools.