ASER Centre

ASER Centre

Capacity building of education officials on using student assessment data for improving learning outcomes

The Opportunity

In the absence of reliable and efficient data collection, education policies often fail to account for evidence that points to low student learning outcomes. India needs to adopt a culture of data-driven decision making, where learning outcomes are a key indicator of quality in schools.

The Model

ASER Centre’s mission is to generate evidence for action. Since 2005, the Centre has conducted the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER), the largest citizen-led survey to assess student learning levels across all rural districts in India.

The ASER Centre is also building the capacity of district- and sub-district-level education officials to generate and use key data on school outcomes to guide interventions that can improve student achievement. By implementing training programmes and capacity building workshops, the Centre is equipping officials to take a more evidence-based approach to planning and action.

Central Square Foundation is supporting ASER to design interactive workshops aligned to the roles and responsibilities of target education officials.

Systemic Impact

ASER Centre’s work will provide a training blueprint for education officials on the use of data for evidence-based policy making. The goal is to obtain formal recognition from state governments and academic institutions so this curriculum can be delivered as part of the regular training calendar.