Avanti Fellows- Project Tarang

Avanti Fellows- Project Tarang

Avanti Fellows has launched Project Tarang, which aims to develop blended open online courses for teacher education aligned with the B.Ed curriculum.

The Opportunity

The pre-service teacher education space in India is in a crisis. In September 2014, only 2% of candidates in India were able to pass the Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) for upper primary classes. Such low passing rates is partly due to the poor quality of training provided under the various pre-service teacher education programmes.

The new national focus on blended massive open online courses (MOOCs) provides an opportunity to use technology to develop new models for improving quality at scale in pre-service education.

The Model

Project Tarang aims to deliver high quality content in a blended approach through MOOCs aligned with the B.Ed. curriculum.Expert faculty record video lectures remotely and design courses to include activities, pre-reads, assessments and other components. Educators in teacher education institutes then integrate the online course into their classrooms. The model enables expert lecturers to reach a wider audience of B.Ed. students and allows teacher educators to play the role of facilitators, creating active learning experiences for B.Ed. students. Once fully developed, the courses will be accessible to individual users.

The first course under this project has been developed by Dr. Radhika Iyengar of Columbia University on “Emerging Trends in Education in Emerging Countries”. To test the content material of this course, a pilot was conducted in March 2015 at Hindupat Institute of Teacher Training, a private college in Raghogarh, Madhya Pradesh. The Project Tarang team is using the learnings from this pilot to further develop the course and plan for new MOOCs.

Potential for Systemic Impact

Project Tarang provides an opportunity to test various models of blended implementation and to evaluate the efficacy of blended learning programmes for teacher education. Such innovations are important as online courses become even more prominent in higher education with the launch of SWAYAM, India’s national MOOC platform.