Hello English Efficacy Study

Hello English Efficacy Study

An independent study commissioned by CSF to evaluate the effect of introducing the language-learning app Hello English (HE) for school children in India.

The importance of learning a foreign language -particularly English-is undisputable. This is especially true in India, where employability opportunities in urban areas have strongly been associated with an ability to speak English. Of late, a number of language learning apps have been launched in India, offering youth a self-learning opportunity. Schools, in particular, could benefit from such applications, especially if apps could help decrease the financial burden and make a good language education affordable for every student.

In light of this, a study was conducted to evaluate the effect of introducing the language-learning app Hello English (HE) for school children in India and compare their progress in learning English to students at the same schools who did not use HE or any other language-learning app. The study was based on a random representative sample of 97 students in India from grades 8 to 12 from three schools: one government and two private schools. The study was designed and executed by independent research team from City University of New York and Univ of South Carolina and funded by Central Square Foundation, a grant-making organisation and policy think tank focused on improving the quality of school education and learning outcomes of children from low-income communities in India.

The study found that students who used Hello English were 3.7 times more likely to improve their language level than their classmates (based on Odds Ratio principle). Specifically, 73% of the HE students improved their language proficiency by at least one level compared to 42% of the Control group. This difference was statistically significant. The language improvement of the HE group compared to the Control group remains significant even after controlling for demographics, school type and results of school-based assessments. The HE app worked for all students regardless of their age, gender etc.

The above findings are promising as they demonstrate that the Hello English app can be used by school students for learning the English language.

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