3.2.1 Education Foundation

3.2.1 Education Foundation

Network of English medium schools in public private partnership mode demonstrating innovative practices and sharing them through teacher training

The Opportunity

Over the past decade, government schools in most major urban areas have witnessed a decline in student enrolment. This can be attributed to the low quality and lack of innovation levels in the government school system across urban India.

Public-private partnership (PPP) models, in which a not-for-profit school operator is brought in to manage underutilised government schools, has great potential to improve student learning levels by introducing innovation in curriculum and teaching. These schools can act as beacons of excellence, sharing innovative practices with the government school system.

The Model

3.2.1 Education Foundation is operating a PPP school in association with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) with an emphasis on innovative curriculum, student culture and assessments.

Founded in 2012 as a lab school where innovative practices can be developed and refined for dissemination, 3.2.1 enrolled 118 students in the kindergarten class in its first year, a sixfold increase over the period before 3.2.1 began managing the MCGM school. By 2015, the school had added two classes and student enrolment had tripled to 350. 3.2.1 students have demonstrated significant progress in foundational skills such as numeracy and literacy.

In addition to demonstrating strong learning outcomes, 3.2.1 is also achieving high levels of teacher and student attendance, parent engagement and staff retention — all challenges that plague government and affordable private schools. The school has developed a strong professional development framework for its teachers and implemented knowledge management systems to realise long-term goals.

To spread its knowledge and techniques, 3.2.1 launched the Sustained Mastery Program, an in-service teacher training programme with an objective to develop and disseminate the best pedagogical practices being used in the school. The programme focuses on teachers in affordable private schools. In its pilot year, participating teachers came from Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Potential for Systemic Impact

Through its innovation in the school and through the Sustained Mastery Program, 3.2.1 Education Foundation aims to:

  • Create a network of high quality public private partnership schools that set a new standard of excellence for educating children from marginalised communities
  • Demonstrate that providing excellent education at the current government spend per child is possible, as evidenced by all 3.2.1 students completing Class 12 and ranking in the 75th percentile in the ASSET test, India‚Äôs most rigorous assessment of student achievement
  • Disseminate best practices of teaching to the larger education ecosystem