Mindspark Centres

Mindspark Centres

Blended learning centres for Maths and Hindi in Delhi

The Opportunity

Data from various learning assessment surveys reveal persistent and significant gaps in student learning levels. Remediation is needed to close this gap, which would otherwise widen as students go through school. Technology can be leveraged to provide students with personalised and adaptive support at scale.

The Model

Educational Initiatives launched Mindspark Centres in 2012 to offer a technology-based learning programme to children enrolled in Delhi’s government and affordable private schools. The centres used a blend of  technology-based learning and teacher instruction to bridge the learning gap in Maths and Language.

Mindspark’s model at the time of CSF’s grant included four of five centres located in communities and one an affordable private school.  During the grant period, Mindspark Centres were operational 12 hours a day six days a week, offering students the option to attend before or after school. Both in-school and out-of-school children participated in the programme and spent on average 1 to 1.5 hours daily, splitting their time between self-paced learning using the computer-based Mindspark programme and instructional time with academic facilitators who offered assistance with homework, examination preparation and remediation.

By the end of Central Square Foundation’s engagement, the project had introduced more than 30 innovative learning and outreach-related processes and systems, including an option for customised activation of remedial topics, a real-time dashboard for academic mentors to identify poor performing students and an online tracker for monthly follow-ups with parents. The programme demonstrated positive learning growth in Maths, and the project secured follow-on grant funding from Tech Mahindra Foundation in early 2014.

Potential for Systemic Impact

Mindspark Centres offer evidence for the potential to leverage technology as a tool for learning.  Specifically, the project demonstrates the effectiveness of the blended learning model of education that incorporates technology and instructor-led learning.