Moinee Foundation

Moinee Foundation

Improving student learning through quiz based modules

The Opportunity

Government schools have access to technology infrastructure through various schemes, but utilisation by students and teachers is generally low. Presently, students and teachers do not have adequate training to use the ICT infrastructure for teaching and learning. As a result, students miss out on accessing digital learning resources.

The Model

Rajasthan secondary schools are one example of such schools with adequate technology infrastructure, a product of Government of India’s IT@Schools scheme. Recognizing the opportunity presented by the established ICT infrastructure, Moinee Foundation rolled out a free, quiz-based online learning platform, Quiz Academy, in these schools to help students learn concepts aligned to their curriculum and complete practice exercises.

The content corresponds to the Rajasthan Board Curriculum for Classes 9 and 10.  After registering students on the platform, teachers assign practice exercises to their entire class and track student progress. The platform supports content development across all regional Indian languages and includes a dashboard that provides the district administration access to student analytics, bringing accountability to the system. Their EdTech product can be used on mobile devices as well.

Potential for Systemic Impact

Moinee Foundation’s quiz-based learning platform is being actively used in around 660 schools across five districts in Rajasthan as part of ‘Project Utkarsh’. They now have a mandate from the state government to expand this programme to all 33 districts of Rajasthan. Moinee Foundation is seizing the opportunity to scale their project and demonstrate effective integration of education technology products in the government school system.