Million Sparks Foundation

Million Sparks Foundation

Use of technology based platform to create resource bank for teachers

The Opportunity

Teachers in affordable private schools are usually products of the very poor education system which they now work in. They are not professionally trained and obtain little support from the schools they work in. There are limited opportunities for professional development, as a result of which they plan and execute low-quality lessons.

The Model

Million Sparks Foundation is building a resource bank for teachers, which can be accessed through a technology platform on any internet-enabled device. This will provide bite-sized lesson planning resources to address gaps in conceptual knowledge of teachers, provide teaching methods for different topics and provide classroom aids such as worksheets

Teachers can download the Million Sparks Foundation mobile application or access the platform on the web. They are required to enter the grade and topic they are teaching, following which they receive 3-4 curriculum-linked resources every day, which could be in video or text format. These carefully curated resources are in Hindi or simple English and are designed to help the average teacher understand a concept clearly and then execute a high-quality lesson on it in the classroom the next day.

By providing access to these resources through a mobile application which is easy to access and navigate for first-time internet users, Million Sparks Foundation is trying to build a culture of continuous professional development among teachers. The platform will eventually host a variety of resources for teachers, who can choose what they would like to engage with. It promotes peer learning and interaction among teachers.

Potential for Systemic Impact

Million Sparks Foundation is running pilots right now to test the content and different implementation models. In this initial phase, the focus is on middle-school math teachers. By 2020, Million Sparks Foundation aims to reach one million teachers with the application available in multiple languages and content available for all subjects and grades. By build a strong community of teachers who are engaged in continuous need-based professional development, Million Sparks Foundation aims to improve the quality of teaching and learning in classrooms across India.