3.2.1 Go. Full Steam Ahead

by on October 14, 2015

With 118 children moving from Kindergarten to Class I and 120 children entering Kindergarten, 3.2.1 School’s second year promises to be doubly challenging and energizing. 3.2.1’s vision is to create India’s first high quality charter school network that will set a new standard of excellence for educating children from marginalized communities.

At 3.2.1, 50% of children are counting at an exemplary level and in reading comprehension, children are able to carry their skills from familiar texts to new texts indicating conceptual understanding. Unusually for start-up schools they also have a 100% staff retention rate.

The 3.2.1 Schools endeavour to serve as ‘belief centers’ for people to see what is truly possible. Their innovation is to provide an education comparable to elite high-fee private schools, but, at government costs. They are investing in getting high caliber teachers supported by research based professional development and keeping costs low with minimal investment in infrastructure and innovative compensation practices. Their teachers and staff work to adapt and implement rigorous curricula in maths, language, science, and social studies. The curriculum has been adapted from several places and is guided by a focus on discovery, conceptual understanding, and rigorous English language learning.

3.2.1 aims to start 100 schools across the country directly impacting over 150,000 students, in the next 15 years. Their baseline goal is that 100% of its students complete the 12th standard and are prepared for tertiary education and gainful employment. They intend to use India’s most rigorous assessment, the ASSET, to measure educational achievement and aim to have their students scoring in the 75th percentile on it, putting them at par with the strongest achieving high-income students in the country.

Over the long-term, 3.2.1 aims to create system level impact and develop an innovative knowledge sharing platform to have broader systemic impact. They use technology innovatively for documenting their experiments, learning and practices and plan to share these with the larger educational ecosystem in the form of trainings, curriculums, books etc.

We encourage you to visit the 3.2.1. school – it is located adjacent to Mumbai’s historic Crawford Market. Follow your nose – the classrooms are right above a wholesale fish market. Follow your hearts and minds – you will feel the love and learning pouring out of the classrooms.