What is EduStart?

At Central Square Foundation (CSF), we realise that in order to fundamentally shift the status quo in education, there is a need for innovative and enterprising organisations to create scalable and sustainable solutions. Unfortunately, there are high barriers for startups in this space. In an effort to inspire, hone and support education leaders, CSF has launched EduStart - an Entrepreneur-in-Residence programme. The programme will catalyse a community of budding social entrepreneurs across the country and incentivise them to work on certain priority areas in education.

What are we trying to solve?

Parent and Community Engagement

Empowering parents to contribute to their child’s development.

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Assessments for Learning

Design and implement a formative assessment solution for the classroom that boosts learning levels in low-income schools.

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Social Inclusion Fund

High-end, good quality private schools are unable to integrate and support children admitted under the 25% reservation clause of the RTE.

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Choose my School

Help parents pick the best schools for their children.

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ECE in a Box

Enable budget private schools to improve the quality of their pre-primary sections.

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The APS Marketplace

Connect service providers and Affordable Private Schools (APS) through a free market to improve the quality of education.

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Teacher Development App

Leverage technology to analyse teacher performance and provide systematic support.

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What is the EduStart difference?

Selected entrepreneurs will receive:

Financial Support:

A monthly stipend for the entrepreneur(s) and funds for any other organisational expenses for at least one year.

Operational Support:

CSF will meet all operational costs, assist in hiring and fundraising and provide an office space for at least one year.

Ecosystem Support:

The entrepreneur will have access to CSF’s network of experts and organisations in the school education ecosystem.

Mentor Support:

Every entrepreneur will be given strategic help and organisation-building skills by industry experts. Additionally, value-added services available to CSF grantees will also be shared.

Who will you work with?

Our Mentors

Our Advisory Panel

Who we are looking for?

We are searching for people who are passionate, committed to the education sector and want to push the boundaries of what’s possible. The ideal EduStarter will have at least two years of experience and believe strongly that every child deserves and can achieve an excellent education. Prior involvement with entrepreneurship and an understanding of the education landscape is preferred.

How to apply?

Please send:

  • Your resume
  • A 2 minute video or a 300 word essay explaining why you want to be an entrepreneur in education
  • Please mention what you are trying to solve

to edustart@centralsquarefoundation.org


EduStart is CSF’s entrepreneur-in-residence programme. Selected entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to work on priority issue areas pre-selected by the CSF team. The goal of the program is to incubate sustainable solutions that will eventually spin-off as separate organisations.
You can apply by sending your resume, a 2 minute video or a 300 word essay explaining why you want to be an education entrepreneur. Also mention the problem statement you are applying for. Send in your applications to edustart@centralsquarefoundation.org.
  • Step 1: CSF EduStart application goes live
  • Step 2: Review of applications
  • Step 3: Interviews
  • Step 4: Final Decision and on-board new EduStart
  • Step 5: Applications will be selected on a rolling basis.
Selected individuals for the 2017 cohort will be part of the EduStart programme for one year starting the day of on-boarding.
  1. Financial Support & Potential Strategic Funding: CSF will support entrepreneurs in the EduStart programme financially in building their product and/or services. In case of mutual agreement, CSF may also provide funding support to the organisation after the one year programme ends.
  2. Ecosystem Support: CSF will help the EduStarter build relationships with our ecosystem partners, including entrepreneur networks, funding organisations and field experts.
  3. Operation support: CSF will provide office space and other operational assistance to the EduStarter and his/her team for the period of one year.
It is preferred, but not mandatory, that the EduStarter be based out of New Delhi. CSF will provide office space and supplies for the entrepreneur in New Delhi only.
CSF’s EduStarter will be paid a monthly salary commensurate with qualifications and experience. Product development and other organisational costs would also be covered on a need basis.
Yes, CSF would be willing to accept co-founders for the EduStart programme. In such cases, CSF will support both the co-founders for the term of one year.

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