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Expression of Interest for Creating Educational Videos

The Indian education system comprises 260 million children and 10 million teachers using multiple languages as the medium of instruction. Most students and teachers only use textbooks as teaching-learning material. However, with EdTech continuing to increase its role in education and reach a larger number of users, there is a need to create and provide high quality content suited to the Indian context, to meet the varied needs of both educators and learners.

Central Square Foundation believes that addressing this content gap is of utmost importance. The problem is too large and diverse to be solved by one organisation, so we feel that this requires a collaborative effort between philanthropic foundations, organisations and individuals creating content and open educational resources, as well as school systems.

In collaboration with YouTube Learning and, we are launching a $2.5-million accelerator project that aims to empower the next generation of educational video creators in India. It will directly support content creators and educators with the funding and training they need to produce quality STEM educational content in Hindi. The project will also work to scale its reach within the sector at large by developing a hub to share best practices, such as tips on how to create engaging videos and guidance for aligning lessons with curriculum and standards.

We are calling out to all talented learners, educators and visualisation artists interested in coming together to create amazing videos and build content for teachers and students across the country. If you are one of these people, or if you know someone who is, please help our effort to create this library of videos by filling out the relevant form as given below.

We aim to create high quality videos with content taught by exceptional educators. If you are an educational expert or know someone who is, please let us know through the educator nomination form.

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We are looking for excellent video content creators to develop education videos on a freelance basis. If you are, or know, a content creator interested in working with us on this project, please fill the video creator recommendation form.

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