Content Accelerator

Content Accelerator


The Indian education system comprises 260 million children and 10 million teachers using multiple languages as the medium of instruction. With EdTech continuing to increase its role in education, there is an urgent need to create and provide high-quality content suited to the Indian context.

The content accelerator program was started by Central Square Foundation, and YouTube Learning to provide students and teachers in India with a repository of high-quality, curriculum-aligned digital video content for Mathematics and in the process, empower the next generation of video content creators and educators. Our goal is to create Mathematics video content in Hindi and other vernacular languages for grades I-X that will be openly licensed and shared on platforms such as YouTube and others.

We are calling out to talented educators and content creators interested in coming together to build content for teachers and students across the country.

Our Selection Criteria

For Educators

  • Graduate degree (specialization in Math preferred), with at least 3 - 5 years of experience in teaching Mathematics to school children
  • Ability to write content in Hindi
  • Knowledgeable and functional in technical writing, including consistent and correct use of tense, grammar / spelling and terminology
  • Drive to create large scale sustained impact in education
  • Willingness to work with pedagogical advisor and experts to create content
  • Availability of capacity for creation of ~45 minutes of educational video in Sep 2018 for field testing purposes

For Content Creators

  • Drive to create large scale sustained impact in Education
  • Willingness to work with pedagogical advisors and experts to create content
  • Should have created at least 5 hours of video
  • Capacity to produce ~45 minutes of educational video between Oct-Nov 2018 for field testing
  • (If shortlisted) Capacity to produce at least 20 minutes of video per month from Jan-Dec 2019

Why should you Apply?

  • Work for a powerful cause with a long- term impact in the education sector, touching lives of thousands of students and teachers across the country
  • Associate with esteemed organizations like Google, YouTube, and Central Square Foundation and leverage their experience
  • Work with and get trained by best-in-class experts on pedagogy and video production
  • Working in a collaborative environment with other accomplished educators/creators
  • Chance to work with passionate, energetic teams driven to create something new and impactful

Selection Process:

As a first step in this ambitious initiative, we will sample content with teachers and students. For this, educators and content creators will partner with a team of pedagogical and technical experts to create videos that will be piloted with teachers and students across the country .

We will be using this as an opportunity to find the most deserving pool of educators and creators for developing the final content. Shortlisted educators and content creators shall then use insights emerging from this exercise for intensive final video production, which will begin by January 2019 and run through the entire year.

How to Apply?

If you are interested in this project, please fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you.


From Educators

  • Write grade-specific content in Hindi for topics / subtopics that meets learning objectives
  • Willingness to work with pedagogical advisors to identify and incorporate most critical pedagogical elements while drafting raw content
  • Willingness to work with content creators and to make revisions, as and when necessary

From Content Creators

  • Convert raw content into scripts and storyboards that serve as blueprints besides giving clear visual portrayal of lighting, framing and other aspects of final videos
  • Draw / add graphics and / or animation that makes videos come alive, making them engaging and impactful
  • Add voiceover which is appealing to target audience while reinforcing the core messages of videos
  • Willingness to work with a team of pedagogical advisors, technical supervisors and other experts to determine the best treatment for final videos to ensure that they are appealing and meet learning objectives
  • Willingness to work with educators and make revisions, as and when necessary
All fields are mandatory

We aim to create high quality videos with content taught by exceptional educators. If you are an educational expert or know someone who is, please let us know through the educator nomination form.

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All fields are mandatory

We are looking for excellent video content creators to develop education videos on a freelance basis. If you are, or know, a content creator interested in working with us on this project, please fill the video creator recommendation form.

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