Large Scale Assessments Network

Effective monitoring of learning requires policy support and structures at both national and state levels, best practices and tools contextualised to Indian experience and a platform to share these ideas. Recognizing this need, a group of organisations, experts and foundation have organised multiple discussions on strategies to strengthen the implementation of Large Scale Assessment in India.

The purpose is to consolidate learning from assessments conducted across the country, address common challenges, and discuss ways in which different organisations could collaborate. This platform, therefore, acts as a catalyst for driving relevant research, collaborating for capacity-building and encouraging the sharing of knowledge and best practices for assessment efforts in India. Experts from Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, ASER Centre, Educational Initiatives, Centre for Science of Student Learning, Learning Links Foundation, Learning Language Foundation, ACER India, J-PAL and Accountability Initiative have participated in the first few meetings of the group.

Some ideas which the group has deliberated upon are- a status report on state learning achievement surveys, capacity building workshop for state assessment teams and a knowledge sharing platform to keep abreast of latest developments.