EduSquare – The CSF Partner Convening

December 14, 2016

CSF is set to complete 5 years in Feb 2017 and we take pride in the entrepreneurs and organisations that we have worked with towards the goal of quality school education for all. Each of CSF’s partners possesses unique perspectives, capabilities and contexts. We believe that there is tremendous potential to learn from and collaborate with one another as we action systemic reform together. To this aim, CSF proposes to convene all its partners formally for the first time on the 25th and 26th of November, 2016. CSF hopes that this convening would be the first of many fora for its partners to interact and engage with each other.


CSF partners would get an opportunity to:

  • Engage across domains and know about each other’s work
  • Share and discuss key insights, best practices and major challenges
  • Create a community of continuous learning beyond the conference
  • Connect their theory of change with the broader education reform landscape


The total session time is 14 hours, which will be utilised in different ways, including keynote speeches, seminars, workshops and break-outs. Broadly, the sessions would focus on:

  • Reflecting on your theory of change and your role in the larger school education change movement
  • Hearing from pioneers and leaders on their work and journey
  • Solving for common roadblocks and pervasive issues