Advocacy Approach

As the largest provider of school education in India, the government is the most critical stakeholder in shaping the country’s education system. Central Square Foundation (CSF) aims to collate best practices in policy and evidence from successful education programmes from across the country and international contexts to influence mainstream education in India.

CSF is represented in several resource groups and programme management committees formulated by central and state governments for driving quality-oriented initiatives such as school leadership development, implementation of large scale student assessments, and more.  We have partnered with various state governments and municipal corporations in the creation of five-year visions that set measurable outcome-oriented goals for the education system and a transformation roadmap for getting there.

In addition, we pursue our ambitions for systemic impact through our grant partners, several of which are working closely with municipal and state governments to implement innovative education programmes.

Moving forward, we are keen to collaborate with governments to pilot quality-oriented initiatives with potential for systemic impact and support the development of robust education data systems and policies that are critical for transforming the quality of education in the country.

Policymakers can direct their requests to