Theory of Change

Central Square Foundation is a grantmaking organisation and policy think tank focused on improving the quality of school education and learning outcomes of children from low-income communities in India.

Our objective is to achieve systemic reform through:

  • Grants to education non-profit organisations that create proof points for new standards of excellence
  • Research that collates evidence and develops insights for addressing critical education-related issues
  • Advocacy that leverages evidence from our initiatives and research to inform public policy and create systemic impact

To bring focus to the vast world of school education, we define four key levers to reform the system:

  • Governance – Robust frameworks that hold every government official, school owner, principal and teacher accountable to student learning
  • Educators – Merit based selection, training and continuing professional development of teachers and principals
  • EdTech – Integration of technology as an enabler to bridge the learning gap, achieve efficiency and scale-up innovative practices
  • School systems – New standards of excellence in affordable schooling